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Would you like to explore ARIS products more? Are you interested in ARIS Basic, ARIS Advanced or ARIS Process Mining? Do you need to dive deeper?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we have amazing news for you! The brand-new ARIS Help is here to support you in getting the right information and experience working with ARIS. 


With ARIS Basic Help and ARIS Advanced Help you can familiarize yourself with ARIS by exploring the user interface functionality and modeling a simple model. ARIS Process Mining Help offers you the opportunity to not only learn the user interface, but also to do a successful analysis. 

Now you should ask us two important questions. First, what to expect from this help guide? In a nutshell, it is a place where you can find: 

  • Getting started to make you familiar with ARIS. 

  • Videos to get an overview of ARIS topics. 

  • User interface and much more. 

Then, where to find it? ARIS Help is a new member in the Know-how section. Just choose the desired ARIS product: 

Get started today. Try this incredible guide and discover what ARIS Help has to offer.



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