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You will create the “Customer Service” organizational chart model and reuse already existing objects as occurrences. During the modeling activities, you will use some of the available short cuts.


1. Edit models app

  • Navigate to the “Organization” group.
  • Create here the organizational chart model “Customer Service”: Enter “Customer Service” as model name, leave “Organization” as group and select organizational chart for the model type.
  • The model “Customer Service” opens in design mode (new browser tab).

2. “Customer Service” model in design mode

The following organizational structure is to be modeled (all new objects are to be inserted by using the symbols from the symbols window). During the modeling activities, to zoom in and out, use the short cuts “+“ and “-“. To rename an object use the short cut “F2”.

  • The “Customer Service” organizational unit is the first object.
  • The “Head of Customer Service” position manages the “Customer Service” department.
  • The “Customer Service” department is superior to the organizational units “Customer advisory” and “Customer Service Administration”.
  • The “Customer advisory” department performs the roles

1. “Customer advisory manager”;

2. “Customer advisor”; this already existing object is to be inserted as occurrence copy. Create first a new symbol, then enter “Customer” as name and select the proposed “Customer advisor” object.

    • The “Customer Service Administration” department performs the roles

    1. “Customer service admin manager”;

    2. “Customer service admin employee”;
    This already existing object is to be inserted as occurrence copy. Switch to the “Request for financing” group inside the “Edit models” app. Activate the “Objects”-listing, copy the “Customer service admin employee” and paste it (as occurrence) into the model using the short-cut “ctrl-v”.

    3. "Financial assistant";

    4. Credit check employee".
    Save the model. Use the short-cut “ctrl-s” for this operation.

    • Close the browser tab of the “Customer Service” model (design mode).