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You will create the “Financial Services” process landscape and structure existing ARIS content through groups. You will execute an ARIS Report.


1. Edit models app

  • Navigate to the “Core processes” group (in Content / Business Processes) and create here the group “Financial Services”.
  • In the “Financial Services” group, create the “Financial Services” process landscape model: Enter “Financial Services” as model name, leave “Financial Services” as group and select the process landscape for the model type.
  • The model “Financial Services” opens in design mode (new browser tab).

2.     “Financial Services” model in design mode

  • The following process map is to be modeled (all new objects are to be inserted by using the symbols from the symbols window):

i. The “Financial Services” value-added chain is the first object. Stretch the symbol in order to increase the dimension and position the name of the object at the top of the symbol.

ii. Place the following value-added chain symbols inside the “Financial Services” symbol. Set the direction of the implicit relationships from the “Financial Services” object to the underlying objects:

  1. “Request for financing”;
  2. “Check and approve financing”;
  3. “Process credit request”;“Disbursement”.

iii.    Select the “Request for financing” object and change the symbol color to blue. Use the “Fill color” option in the Start menu of the model.

iv.    Save the model.

v.    Close the browser tab of the “Financial Services” model (design mode).

3. Edit models app

  • Navigate to the “Financial Services” group (in Content / Business Processes / Core processes) and create here the group “Request for financing”.
  • Navigate to the “Content” group.

i. Cut the “Request for financing” BPMN process model and paste it in the newly created “Request for financing” group.

ii. Cut all “Request for financing” process-related objects (all listed objects beside the four structural element objects) and paste them into the newly created “Request for financing” group.

  • Select the “Request for financing” BPMN process (in Content / Business Processes / Core processes / Financial Services / Request for financing).
  • The model “Request for financing” opens in design mode (new browser tab).

4.     “Request for financing” model in design mode

  • Open the Evaluations (Report) window.
  • Start the “Create process manual” (Output PDF) Report and download the result.
  • Open the PDF file and check its content.
  • Close the browser tab of the “Request for financing” model (design mode).