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You will extend the BPMN process “Request for financing” with a few advanced BPMN constructs. You will execute an ARIS Semantic Check.


1. Edit models app

  • Navigate to the “Content” group and select the “Request for financing” process to open the diagram in design mode (new browser tab).

2. “Request for financing” model in design mode

     Add the advanced constructs of the process by using the BPMN functionalities of ARIS Cloud Basic.

  • Create a system lane “CRM System” and reuse the existing “CRM System” object by typing “CRM” and selecting the proposed “CRM System”. In order to do so, select the existing pool and use the “Add lane” functionality available in the BPMN menu. Move the system lane to the second position (between the role lanes).
  • Delete the connection between the first two task objects.
  • Create the “Check customer status” task and place it on the newly created “CRM System” lane.
  • Create a splitting gateway connected to the “Check customer status” task. After the gateway, the following two tasks are to be created:
    • “Identify customer ID and personal data”
    • “Record personal data”.
  • Create the joining gateway after these two tasks.
  • Create the connection between the tasks “Provide credit calculation” and “Check customer status”.
  • Create the connection between the joining gateway and the “Perform initial credit check” task.
  • Create a new pool object and name it “Customer”. Place this pool above the existing “Request for financing” pool.
  • Create two new message flows (each message flow consists in one message object and two connections):

1. The message “Financing request” is sent from the “Customer” to the start event “Financing request received”;

2. The message “Credit check failed” is sent from the “Credit check failed” event to the “Customer”.

3. Note that the involved two event symbols are automatically updated.

  • Update all symbol types of the BPMN process using the “Change symbol” functionality in the BPMN menu:

1. Apply the “Manual task” symbol to the tasks “Provide credit calculation”, “Perform initial credit check”, “Enter customers financial data”, “Print financing documents” and “Sign financing contract”;

2. Apply the “Service task” symbol to the tasks “Identify customer ID and personal data” and “Record personal data”;

3. Apply the “Business rule task” symbol to the “Check customer status” task.

4. All gateways are to be set as “Exclusive gateways”.

5. Apply the “Terminate event” symbol to the “Financing contract signed” event.

  • Set the condition expression after gateways using the properties window of the selected connection:

1. Set “Existing customer” as condition expression for the connection that links the gateway to the “Identify customer ID and personal data”;

2. Set “New customer” as condition expression for the connection that links the gateway to the “Record personal data”;

3. Set “Credit check ok” as condition expression for the connection that links the gateway to the “Enter customers financial data”.

  • Maintain the “Description/Definition” property of the “Request for financing” process with the following text and using the properties window of the model: “The Request for Financing process involves the Customer advisor and the Customer service admin employee. The process starts as soon as a Customer sends a Financing request. The CRM System supports and executes some activities during the process.”
  • Save the model.
  • Test the semantic check, but before delete temporarily the connection between the start event and the “Provide credit calculation” task. Save the model and run the BPMN Semantic Check (using the semantic checks window at the bottom). Check the errors in the model graphic and inside the semantic checks window.
  • Establish the missing connection between the start event and the “Provide credit calculation” task again.
  • Save and publish the model.
  • Close the browser tab of the “Request for financing” model (design mode).