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In ARIS Express, models are usually created by placing items in the model window. In some cases, it is more convenient to create objects from lists. ARIS Express offers a different insertion option for this purpose.

You can create objects in ARIS Express by pasting the clipboard contents. The clipboard needs to contain text. Each individual text is inserted as an object. “Individual text” means a separate line of text or text separated by tabs. In our example, five objects would be created.

Here is how you create the new objects: You use “Ctrl + C” shortcut key or the pop-up menu to copy the file contents to the clipboard. You then switch to ARIS Express and use “Ctrl + V” or the pop-up menu to paste the clipboard contents into the model window. The „Create objects“dialog opens, and the clipboard content is inserted in the „Name“field. In the dialog, you can select a symbol for the new objects. Select „Organizational unit“, and click on OK. The objects are inserted, and you can arrange them. The dialog allows you to insert multiple copies of the same object. To do this, you click on „Insert/Object“, select „Role“for our example, and enter the names. The names of individual objects must be separated by line breaks or tabs. After selecting the connection, click below the object to have new connections pass through this point. The same connection anchor point will then be used for all connections, even if you use the Control key to connect multiple objects.  After creating the connections, you can align them. Use the „Align connection“menu item for all connections in the model.

You have learned how to use clipboard contents to create objects. You now also know a fast and convenient way of creating multiple objects that are represented by the same symbol.