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If you want to download the video tutorial, please click here.

In this tutorial we will show you how to create your first model.

Open ariscloud.com in your browser, select My ARIS Cloud, and log in with your personal login data to open your project room. Click Launch to open the product.

Select “Create model”. A dialog asks you for model name and type. Enter a name, select  EPC as a Model type, and click OK.

To structure process content it is recommended to use groups. In this example we change the preconfigured “Main group”. Click “Change” and select the group “Business processes”. Click OK and confirm your selection.

The new browser tab contains the editing environment for the new model:

First we add a description so that some meaningful text is displayed when the model is viewed in the portal view.

 Click Properties in the upper right corner to open the Attributes  bar:

To add further attributes, click More attributes. In the dialog, select Description from the drop-down list and click OK:

Double-click Description in the attributes bar, enter a description for your model, and click OK.

To start modeling your process go to the Symbols bar on the left and select the Event symbol. Place the object in the model window.

Enter the name and confirm with the enter key. Select the object again to open the mini tool bar.

Choose a function and place the object below the event, and enter the name Activity 1.

To add further symbols in the mini toolbar click Add symbols.

Select the symbol you would like to add and confirm.

Now you see the new object in the mini toolbar. Add the object to the function and define the connection between the two objects.

From the mini toolbar of the object Activity 1, add the next function Activity 2 and an Application system type to the left:

Finish the process model with a final event.

Save your model and close your browser tab.

To see the results in the different process views, you have to return to the portal page and select Groups.

Select Business processes on the left and open “My first model”. Switch to the diagram view to open the EPC diagram.

Now you know how to create your first model. Please contact us to learn more.