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If you want to download the video tutorial, please click here.

In this tutorial we will show you how to edit your project room, how to invite additional users, and how to assign user privileges.

To start the invitation process, open ariscloud.com in your browser.

Select “My ARIS Cloud” and log in using your personal login data to open your project room.

Click the Settings icon and select “General Information”. It provides you with an overview of your project room including your current licenses and the expiration date of your subscription.

In the “User management” area you find the user administration. You see the current users, the related role, and the permission level.

To add a new user click “Invite user” and enter the relevant e-mail address.

The invited person automatically receives an invitation e-mail containing their personal login information. As you can see the person is now included in the list. Select the pen icon to assign user privileges.

Enter the name and decide if the person is to be a viewer or a designer. Administrator privileges will enable a user to work with the project room. Users can view project room details, change the password, invite users, assign user privileges, and upload databases. In ARIS Cloud Advanced, the administrator can additionally work with the Java-based client to customize filters and report settings and assign user privileges to process models

Click “Save changes” to finish user privilege assignment.

Now you know how to edit your project room, invite users, and assign user privileges.

If you want to learn more please contact us.