In the ARIS task list you can edit or delegate tasks provided by Process Governance, as well as set up substitutes for these tasks, etc.. To open the task list, you require the ARIS Architect license privilege with Process Governance.

Open the "Task list" tab.

Use the status filter to for example, limit the list to new tasks, tasks in process or delegated tasks.

To edit a task, select it in the list and click "Edit". Now edit the task by entering the required information.

You can complete a task the first time you edit it or save your current input in order to continue editing at a later time if, for example, information you require is not currently available. The buttons for closing the dialog are named individually by the modeler and thus, may differ in the individual tasks. In our example, the "Approve" and "Reject" buttons conclude editing. "Save" saves the intermediate result with the "In process" status. "Cancel" discards your input so that the previous task status is kept. Tasks with the status "Completed" can be accessed only in read-only mode.

You can reset the status of a task from "In process" to "New". This deletes your previous entries.

You can transfer tasks with the "New" status to a substitute in order to guarantee processing during your vacation, for example.

Activate the "Active" check box and select the start and end date to set the substitution period.

After this period has elapsed, the task is automatically re-assigned to the original executor. Alternatively, leave the end date open if you want to activate the substitute immediately and for an unspecified period of time. The substitute remains active until you disable the "Active" option. To specify a substitute for this role, double-click in the table row of the relevant role. Assign the corresponding user and confirm your input. Repeat this procedure until you have specified all of the substitutes. By the way, you can only specify one substitution period for all substitutions.

You can also delegate individual tasks that have the status "New" or "In process". Select the relevant task and then "Delegate". Assign the corresponding user and confirm your input. The task is passed on to the selected executor and its status is displayed as "Delegated" in your task list. Update your task list every once in a while to check whether you were assigned new tasks since your last login.

In our example, a new task was assigned in the meantime. As Process Governance administrator you can display and delegate tasks belonging to other users. To do so, switch to the task list of the relevant user with the "Change user" button and delegate the tasks, as shown above, to other users or to yourself to edit them. Alternatively, you can set up a substitute for the user.

You just saw how to manage the tasks provided by ARIS Process Governance.

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