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With SmartDesign, ARIS Express provides a modeling aid that allows you to create model parts or entire models in a table editor. Using the „Insert SmartDesign“button you can insert or edit a basic hierarchical structure.

The SmartDesign window opens, and a design is inserted. As the „SmartDesign“ window reveals, a hierarchy differs from a process: it has subordinate objects that are indented. While objects of a process have the same level, objects of a hierarchy belong to different levels. You can directly enter names for the placed objects.

Press the Down arrow to move from one object to the next. Now create the new organizational unit „IT“ by pressing Enter. Depending on the object position, selecting subordinate objects will display the buttons „Up one level“ and „Down one level“. You can use these buttons to rearrange the objects in the hierarchy. As you can see, the model layout changes accordingly. Move „Logistics“ up one level again because it belongs to the same level as „Purchasing“ and „IT“.

To complete the model, create the roles „Head“ and „Employee“ for the organizational units. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the relevant cells, and press Enter to create a new object within a cell. The model is complete, and you can close SmartDesign. You have learned how to create hierarchy models with SmartDesign. Now you not only know how to model a process, but also know how to rearrange items in a hierarchy using SmartDesign.