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ARIS Express offers a wide range of information. This information will help you get acquainted with basic program functions and will show you how to represent structures and processes in models.

There are multiple ways of obtaining information: you can use the Home area, which provides short descriptions of model types as well as sample models. You can refer to the embedded help, which also enables you to access pages of ARIS Community. You can watch video tutorials, read articles in ARIS Community, or exchange information with Community members. Finally you can provide information yourself by posting comments on ARIS Community pages.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

The Home area of ARIS Express informs you about the meaning and use of individual model types. For more detailed information have a look at the sample models. Open the required model to learn more about the meaning of the model and its items. Help is available in a large number of dialogs. Just click on the Help button to view a description of the dialog and the items it includes. You can open a description for each dialog item according to your requirements. Large dialogs and standard dialogs are described on help pages provided by ARIS Community. For example, if you open the “Save as” standard dialog and click on “Help”, your Web browser will open instead of the embedded help. Due to the so-called breadcrumb navigation you will always know your current position in the help structure of ARIS Community. You can also directly access help topics of a superior level by clicking on the corresponding link. Here, you can select the topics on which you want to obtain information.

Furthermore, a variety of video tutorials is available on the ARIS Community homepage. To open the overview page just click on “Help/Video tutorials” in ARIS Express. Start the video tutorials by clicking on a button or link.

There is still more information to be discovered. Check ARIS Community for articles that provide news and explain possible uses of ARIS Express. The content focuses on functions and methods.

There is one more thing. You can enter the discussion! For example, create your own articles, or post comments on a page of your interest. Thus, you participate in the information exchange within the BPM community.

You have learned how to obtain method information in the Home area of ARIS Express, how to open the embedded help in dialogs, access help pages in ARIS Community, start video tutorials, how to read articles, and how to post your own articles and comments. Given all this information it will not be long before you achieve professional results with ARIS Express.