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If you want to download the video tutorial, please click here.

In this tutorial we show you how ARIS Cloud integrates social collaboration with process improvement in the cloud.

As soon as you log in to the product, you see the first collaboration features in the Activities box.

This is where you find all recent activities that are important for you. You have the opportunity to write a comment about the post, to share it with people that are following you, or to bookmark the most important posts.

Now, select the Collaboration tab to open your personal Collaboration view.

All feeds that are posted in a group or on a process you are following are displayed. Company feeds provides an overview of all activities that are posted in the entire project room.

Select Find groups to look for a specific group or to see an overview of the groups you are a member of.

As you can see you are already a member of the Recruiting Improvement group.

This group was created by Peter Project as a starting point for a recruiting improvement project.

He invited all colleagues that should be involved in the project. The participants already started the discussion and Mr. Project gains valuable feedback from all relevant stakeholders.

To start your own group to discuss a special topic click Create group. Enter a group name, a group short name, and a description. You can decide if the group is to be public or private.

Click OK to finish the process.

In the next step, you add people to join the group. Enter a name, select the person, and click Add. The invited person will receive a notification in their collaboration view as soon as they log in.

However, groups are not the only feature that Collaboration provides. For example, with ARIS Cloud you have the opportunity to comment or share a process model. To do so, return to the portal view to open a process model.

Regardless of the visualization, you can leave a comment on each process view. Let’s have a look at the diagram view and let’s assume that we now see that a process step is missing.

Enter a comment and click Post to submit your feedback. Now everybody following the process will see the comment in the Activities field on the portal page.

In a comment, you may also want to mention a specific person, so that this person receives a notification after their next login to respond to your comment. In editing mode, it is possible to show the current collaboration and to edit the process in the same mode.

Now you know more about how ARIS Cloud integrates social collaboration with process improvement in the cloud.

Feel free to contact us to learn more!