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"Home" is the start page of ARIS Express. It has a menu bar and a toolbar like many other programs. Some features look less familiar.

The page has a direct link  to ARIS Community. Community provides comprehensive information on ARIS Express. Here you can post information as well. And you find other to discuss anything related to business process management.

Another link next to the Community link takes you to information on how to get the full version of ARIS. The banner informs you on selected Community topics and on products for business process management.

All available model types are listed and briefly described. To create a new model, simply click on the model type. ARIS Express displays the modeling area and creates the model. You can now begin to work on the model. Click on Home to return to the start page.

The "Recently used models" are gives you fast access to the models you have been working on. In the beginning, sample models are listed. The newly created model is also listed. Its thumbnail is overlaid with a symbol. This indicates that the model is still open. There are more symbols of this kind. The lock indicates that the model is password-protected. You must enter the password to open the model. The question mark indicates that the model no longer  exists in the directory to which it was saved. This occurs, for example, when a model has been moved or renamed in Windows Explorer. If you click on the thumbnail, you have the option to remove it from the "Recently used models" area.If models are open, you can click on the "Models" button to switch to the modeling area. You can display a preview if a model is not password-protected and has not been renamed, moved, or deleted. Simply move the mouse pointer over the thumbnail. The preview is then displayed.

You are now familiar with the home area of ARIS Express and the ways of using it.