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With ARIS Business Publisher you can publish databases on the intranet or the Internet. This helps employees and customers quickly find all of the information available to them. You can control who sees which piece of information via the access privileges in the ARIS Database.

ARIS Business Publisher consists of ARIS Business Publisher Server, functionalities in ARIS Business Architect and the display of the results in a Web browser.

ARIS Business Publisher Server runs in the background and is maintained by your system administrator. ARIS Business Publisher Server stores your data and controls access to and the layout of the exports.

With ARIS Business Architect you can provide database content as a Web export on the intranet or the Internet. You can enable, update, disable or delete them. Employees and customers can quickly find all of the available information in the browser. Users can for example, trigger change management processes by submitting improvement proposals for processes. You can for example, also enable and disable Web exports, provide reports, as well as manage users via the browser. To view detailed procedures for each of the individual topics, please start the separate video tutorials.

This video tutorial provided you with an overview of ARIS Business Publisher. If you want to know how to open an export and work with it, please take a look at the video tutorial "Using Web Exports".

You can receive more insight into working with Business Publisher exports from the ARIS Business Publisher Quick Start Guide, which you can find in the ARIS program group under "Documents" if an ARIS Client is installed on your computer. Further information on this topic can, of course, also be found in our ARIS Online Help.