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In order to carry out a business process it must first be transformed into a technical BPMN model.

The BPMN process is then implemented within the framework of the webMethods integration. In this video we will show you how you can prepare for the implementation. In addition, we will also demonstrate what happens if the EPC is changed and how ARIS can support you with the interactive merge. Last but not least, changes that result from the implementation are transferred.

The EPC is already available and now must be transformed into a BPMN model. The EPC is checked for modeling errors. You can view the results. If the EPC is, by and large, alright the transformation is carried out. Keep the target group.

The EPC was transformed into a BPMN collaboration diagram. Add a function to the EPC and transform it once again. See what happens.

Select the existing BPMN model as the target model. By adding a function to the source conflicts occur. These conflicts can be solved individually, as a group of conflicts, or as a whole.

Now, we will change the BPMN model to simulate a modification that could be caused by the implementation. Changes that can be transferred to the EPC are marked as such. Transfer these.

You just saw how models can be transformed, what the interactive merge does and how changes can be transferred to the EPC.