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Welcome to the ARIS Connect video tutorial ‘Process administration - Find and correct problems in processes’.
The Process Governance administrator can query information on processes and intervene, if required. With the following two use cases and some additional functions you will learn how to use the process administration.
Use case 1 - Restart failed activities:
- Display a failed process instance in the Explorer tree
- Display information about why the instance failed
- Correct errors
- Restart failed activity
Filter the list for example, according to the status ‘Failed’.
Display the process instance in the Explorer tree. 
The instance details are displayed. Click ‘Navigate to occurence in Explorer tree’.
The instance is selected in the Explorer tree. Click ‘Console’ to obtain information on why the instance failed. You can also obtain the error description by referring to the e-mail notification that you receive when errors occur.
Correct the errors that led to the process instance failing. After the correction, click ‘History’.
Restart the activity whose execution failed.
The activity is restarted and the process instance continues.
Use case 2 - Skip failed activities:
- Display the input and output data of a failed activity
- Review the output data
- Skip activity and adjust output data
If you receive an e-mail that an activity failed, you can retrieve further information about this activity with the process administration in order to correct the error.
To do so, open the history of the process instance that contains the failed activity. 
Select the failed activity to display the input and output data for it.
Click ‘Activities’ to skip the failed activity and if necessary, adjust the output data.
If output data was specified for the activity, a dialog opens for you to correct the data and thus avoid further failure.
If no output data was specified for the activity, it is skipped immediately and the process continues with the next activity.
Additional procedures: Suspend, resume and delete processes.
You can suspend the execution of a process instance. This can be useful, for example, if a server outage would cause the process execution to fail. You can resume the instance later.
Resume is only active if the process was suspended beforehand.
You can delete executable processes if for example, they are outdated and should therefore no longer be used.
When an executable process is deleted, the process version and all related information, such as instances, subprocesses, etc., are removed from process administration.
You just saw how you can retrieve information about processes and intervene, if necessary with the process administration. Additional information is available in the online help.