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In this tutorial you will learn which help components you can use when working with ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager.

General help

The general help is displayed when you click on the "Help" button in the toolbar. The navigation tree provides access to the various help pages that will be described in the following. The screen layout provides information about the different areas of the screen. Use cases describe complex work processes from different subject areas. The individual steps for each role are described in detail similar to a procedure description. Thus for example, for audit management the process of creating an audit template, from editing by the audit owner and audit step owner to verification by the audit reviewer is described. A procedure walks you through, step-by-step, until you reach the desired result of the work process. By the way, you can also print individual help topics. To do so, click in the frame on the right to activate the page with the help topic. This prevents the structure of the table of contents or index from being printed. Right-click in the frame on the right again to open the pop-up menu. Now you can print the current help page.  The "Valuable information" section provides you with background information on working with ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager. The various roles, requirements, relationships, terms etc...are described there. The glossary provides you with descriptions of technical terms. In a tree view, the index provides keywords for direct access to the various topics. Related topics are grouped under a common heading.

Context-sensitive help

You can open the context-sensitive help in various areas of the modules, in dialogs, lists, forms, evaluations etc. to receive information about the corresponding element.

Company-specific documents

You can integrate your own documents into the ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager help so that they are available to users online. Rather than recreating the documents from scratch, you can use the sample documents from the help as a basis. Select the template type. In this example we will create a Word document. Save your document under the name "arcm configuration" in the subdirectory "documents" of the installed help directory. ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager users can now access your configuration documents by clicking on the relevant link of the Company-specific documents page.

ARIS video tutorials

You can find the tutorials about ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager procedures on the respective help page, if available. Tutorials about the various ARIS products can be found on the www.ariscommunity.com website under the "Videos" menu item.

The various manuals can be found in the program directory, as well as on the installation CD in the "Docs" folder. You just learned about the support you can receive when working with ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager.