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Welcome to ARIS Business Publisher! In this video tutorial you will get to know the most important functions in a Business Publisher or Web export.

Enter your user name...or click on the selection box that appears if you have logged into ARIS Business Publisher before. Enter your password and click OK. Select one of the login profiles that were created specifically for your user. A login profile consists of the name of the export, the user group you belong to and the method filter. The selected profile determines the content that is displayed. Select the language the export should be displayed in.

The "Home" start page is displayed in the language you logged in with. The user name you logged in with is displayed at the top of the screen. "Log out" logs the displayed user out. If you click here you are logged out and return to the "Log in" screen. If desired, you can then log in with a different user name or log in anonymously or change your password.

The "History" field allows you to either select an entry from the model history list, or click on "Next" or "Back" to scroll through the model pages previously opened. Please do not use the forward and back buttons in your browser.  In the "Information" area on the right-hand side, you will find the entries  "About", "Contact" and "Help". "About" displays program and version information.

"Contact" allows you to send a feedback mail to the webmaster and the "Help" button opens the online help for you. The following modules are available to you in the tool bar at the top of the screen: Home, Contents, Find, Favorites,  Evaluations and Matrix. In addition to the standard functionality, the Home page provides the following features: the Navigation carousel, Find and News. In the Contents module, you can navigate in the models displayed using the Navigation bar (tree view) or assignment relationships, for example. Information on models and objects is also provided.

The Find module allows you to search for content that contains the term you enter in the Find box. For more information about the other functionalities offered in the Find module please read the online help. You can use the Favorites module to manage your bookmarks. You can open pages and delete favorites. In the Evaluations module, you can evaluate the content of the entire database using various criteria and monitor the status of evaluations in progress and the results of completed evaluations. In the Matrix module, you can create matrices of one or several models. This allows you to examine various aspects of object relations.  With the flags displayed at the top of the screen you can change the user interface language at any time without having to login again. You can find the latest information in the News Feed area. With the navigation carousel or the search you can navigate to the desired models. 

You just learned more about how to open an export and work with it. You can receive more insight into working with Business Publisher exports from the ARIS Business Publisher Quick Start Guide, which you can find in the ARIS program group under "Documents" if an ARIS Client is installed on your computer. Further information on this topic can, of course, also be found in our ARIS Online Help.