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ARIS manuals. Various manuals are available to you as an offline source of information. This type of information provision allows you to select and print only the chapters or sections that are relevant to you. You can start some of the manuals directly from the ARIS program group.
This also applies to the Quick Start Guide for ARIS Business Architect. It helps you directly become acquainted with the basics of the program.

You can open the Quick Start Guide for ARIS Business Architect with bookmarks. Their order shows the procedure usually taken when modeling. To make the procedure more transparent, additional information is available for example, tips for using the Quick Start Guide. If you click on a bookmark, the relevant page opens. Superior bookmarks have a plus sign. For access to the subordinate bookmarks simply click on one of the plus signs.

The Installation and Administration Guide can also be found in the ARIS program group. As the name says, the installation and setup possibilities of ARIS products are described here. The installation descriptions for clients and servers are available separately.

The client installation describes how the program is installed on the computers used for modeling, analyzing, simulating etc...

The server installation describes how the components are installed on computers that provide the clients with for example, databases and reports.

In the administration section, possible settings are described. These can be interesting if you wish to carry out individual instead of standard installations. For example, if the installation must be carried out in a special infrastructure or if database systems other than the standard database system are used as a basis. You are also informed about what must be observed with regard to the hardware and software configurations. You will find another manual in the program group.

The ARIS Methods Manual describes the basic methods used in ARIS. Methods are realized as models. Namely as a combination of graphic items described by attributes. By using only certain items in a model and connecting them according to logical rules, complex content can be laid down and the focus put on only those aspects that are of importance. Depending upon which ARIS product you have purchased, some or all of the described models, perhaps even more, are available to you.

You will find the description of models in the various views - such as the organization and process view - and...
...arranged in levels, namely Requirements definition, Design specification and Implementation.
In addition, there are chapters that show the ARIS methods based on use cases...
...or that describe ARIS methods in terms of a certain aspect, for example the chapter on the topic "IT City Planning".

The Delta paper can be found on the ARIS installation media. Its table of contents leads you to all of the new features since the last version of the program. It shows what has changed between the individual service releases, for example which functionalities or platforms are new.
You can find additional documents that provide you with information about the ARIS products and the ARIS methods in the ARIS program group and the ARIS installation media.

You have learned about some of the ARIS products and how to gain access to further manuals.