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relation event-organizational unit allowed ?

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by Pierre-Alain MILLET in ARIS in practice posted on 2018-01-19


in my understanding, there is no relation possible between event and organizational unit in an EPC...

but it's allowed... (see the figure attached)

could you give an example of the use of such a relation ?

thanks in advance

best regards and happy new year !


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Carsten Pitz posted on 2018-01-22

Hi Pierre-Alain,

may I extend the question to:

Does an official, formal definition (e.g. as ASN.1 document) or at least a semi-formal like the UML specification of EPC exist?

If yes, where can I find this definition?


Frank Weyand posted on 2018-01-22


this connections are created quite some years ago, based on a customer requirement, which contained many other constructs as well. These connections specifically are introduced to describe "interlock or hand-over events".

There does not exist a formal definition of the EPC modeling notation, as it is rather an industrial standard.

Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2018-02-07

Hi carsten...

a UML definition of ARIS Language would be nice...  a previous work exist ( but with a licence and seems not maintained...

Frank, that could be a nice tools for ARIS ! 


Carsten Pitz posted on 2018-02-10

Hi Pierre-Alain,

as far as I am informed quite similar as MOF ( is the foundation of UML ARIS also internally uses a meta notation. But this meta notation is not MOF.

Best regards



Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2018-02-15

you can rebuild the internal metamodel using the xml schema (available in documentation and also when expoting in xml...)... but it'd be nice to have an UML class diagram of this meta-model... and that can be done using ARIS