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Find the Princess

Kristof Coussens's picture
by Kristof Coussens in ARIS Express posted on 2009-11-27

Some weeks ago Sebastian Stein challenged the community with his Sound of ARIS model.
I always like a challenge so here is my entry.
It was made on several sunday evenings while following the NFL games (go vikings!).

In the Fun category there already is a nice Donkey Kong model.
I always liked the classic Super Mario Bros game on the NES.

This is the complete first level (World 1-1) of that great game with some ARIS touch to it.

The blocks are objects, the characters are a groupings of free form rectangles.

I really like the Fragment functionality, you can create new models very quickly with it. 


preview of Find the Princess ()
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sstein's picture
by Sebastian Stein posted on 2009-11-28

This is really great!!!

Frank Weyand's picture
by Frank Weyand posted on 2009-11-28

Respect also from my side :-D



Andy Borntraeger's picture
by Andy Borntraeger posted on 2009-11-30

This model is really awesome! Great entry!


Inge Donne's picture
by Inge Donne posted on 2009-12-11

It's original and the proof that modelling can be fun

tcaro's picture
by Thierry Caro posted on 2009-12-11

Hats off !  Incredible. Congratulations for the prize. 

Hope we see one day ARIS Express running on the iPod, or SuperMario running on ARIS Express.

yemelyanchikov's picture
by Yury Yemelyanchykov posted on 2010-06-17

My respect and congratulations