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Adding BPMN lanes to pools

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by Sascha Schneider in BPMN posted on 2010-08-03

In the former version of ARIS Express, it was not that easy to create a pool with three or more lanes inside. That has been changed now. In the latest version menu entries were added, so that one can add several lanes at once, and choose the exact position of the new lanes inside the pool.

BPMN lanes can be added easily using the context menu

These menu entries are available on pools and lanes. Performing one of the new actions, a dialog appears where the number and the position of the lanes can be modified.

a dialog is shown to add multiple lanes at once

The video below shows how to add and remove lanes to a BPMN pool in ARIS Express.

Note: The feature explained in this article is available in ARIS Express and in the professional ARIS Platform products since service release 8 (SR08). There are additional articles available explaining BPMN modelling in ARIS and ARIS Express.

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Peter McClean posted on 2010-11-25

Hi Sascha,

In a sort of related question, does any recent release of ARIS make BPMN 2.0 swimlanes and pools 'managed' objects? i.e. can I make a pool an org unit and the 2 lanes an application and role, and manage these roles as objects? 

I want to use BPMN 2.0 but need to manage and analyse the content as per an epc (e.g. run reports and queries on pools and lanes as 'actors').

Hope that makes sense


Roland Woldt posted on 2010-11-25

Pools and lanes are objects in ARIS and you can create reports that use those objects. However, according to the spec pools/lanes have different meanings than the org objects or application systems types you mentioned above and therefore the existing reports might not work for you (and you will have to adjust them / create a new one that will show the desired results).

In any case you will receive mixed results if you use the same object (lane) instead of two different objects (roles, applications). But that's the "beauty" of BPMN.

Michael Stier posted on 2012-12-13

I am at the very initial stages of getting acquainted with BPMN and ARIS.

I am using

ARIS Express 2.3

Version 2.3 - (SR 2010_06)

because this is what "download" installs. (from the ARIS Community site)

My questions are:

Why is the "RUN" option in the "file" menu "greyed out" (inactive);

Why is the "BPMN" option not available on my "file" menu

Can anyone ot there help, please !?