Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 19:00

In this webinar we learned from VEA how Process Governance defines the Policies, Procedures and Key Activities for Enterprise Process Management to drive value for your key business stakeholders.

What are the Key Benefits of Enterprise Process Governance?

  • Mature Process Governance enables process transparency, increases quality and provides flexibility
  • Release Cycle Management (RCM) and team collaboration is possible without IT support or alignment of resources
  • Enterprise Class solutions automate notifications, release tasks and supports escalation mechanisms for dynamic teams

How does Process Governance impact you?

  • Process Owners (Business Stakeholders) require user experiences for easy access to business process information to review and communicate with team members
  • Process Administrators (Center of Excellence) require an easy solution to Manage the Process Framework, Process Workflow and Process related Assets

This webinar was being presented by Zach Bennett, CEO & Chief Architect and Harry Hetrick, Director of Client Solutions at VEA.