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The "old" ARIS Community had more than 45 groups - one for each BPM-related or country-specific topic. While cleaning up the whole design we also reduced the amount of "forums" (the former "groups"). However, you will still be able to find everything you used to find before. There is one forum that is entirely new: the "Process Live" forum where you will find details about our new cloud product. Join this forum and share your first experiences, discuss cloud topics with other users and get support. The other forums still contain the well-known ARIS Community content around Business Process Analysis, Business Process Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, our ARIS user groups world wide and our university projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you need more information, want to give feedback or ask questions on ARIS Community features. For this purpose we have created the ARIS Community Support forum.