Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 16:00

In the last few years, only 9% of retailers have managed to increase productivity.  Analysts suggest that margin pressure on retailers will continue – impacting margins by as much as 13% by 2030.  Huge disruption from COVID-19 makes the efficiency challenge even harder.

Addressing this challenge in a hugely dynamic environment is really difficult.  What many don’t realize is they need an enterprise-wide approach to optimizing business operating models, processes and working practices.  Without this, you are at risk of further margin erosion over the coming years as you adopt new business models and address continually increasing customer expectations.

What if you could understand the capabilities needed in order to rapidly address this and also learn how leader Tesco leveraged these capabilities as part of their multi-year transformation?

This would help you understand how to fast-track your own transformation and protect your business from the predicted margin erosion over the coming years.

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