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Edit SmartDesign

You can insert new SmartDesigns as well as edit existing model contents in a table. You can quickly supplement models using the keyboard without using sample contents. The model graphic is refreshed automatically.

  1. Click on an object in your model that you want to include in your SmartDesign.
  2. Click on Edit SmartDesign (Edit SmartDesign). The Edit SmartDesign dialog displays the model contents that are linked to the selected object and that match the model-specific SmartDesign configuration.
  3. Change and supplement the model contents by, e.g., renaming existing objects, deleting objects, or inserting new objects.
  4. Change the object hierarchy in models with tree views, e.g., organizational charts or process landscapes.
  5. Show or hide object columns as required.
  6. Click on Close (Close) to end the input.
  7. Click on Save (Save) to apply all changes to your model.

Rename object

  1. Select the name of the object you want to rename. You can see which object you are currently working on in the model graphic by the selection markers.
  2. Enter the new name.
  3. Exit the cell, e.g., using the Down arrow key or the Tab key to move to the right. As soon as you have exited the cell, your changes are visible in the model.

Delete object

Warning: If you delete an object in the first column, the entire row is deleted and hence also every object that is assigned to the deleted object in other columns.

  1. Select the name of the object you want to delete.
  2. Press the Shift + Del keys (or press Del twice).

Insert new object

  1. Select the name of the object you want to insert a new object under.
  2. Press the Enter key.
  3. If several object types are possible at this position, a pick list appears. If required, switch to the desired object type using the arrow keys, and confirm your selection by pressing Enter.


You can edit your SmartDesign using both your keyboard and your mouse. This applies to selecting the object name, for example:

  • You can use the arrow keys or the Tab key to navigate to the object.
  • Alternatively, you can double-click on the name.

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