Dears , 

our company used ARIS IT Arch for some time and they used to publish the models in the Business Publisher , and for contractual issues they replaced the IT Arch with a Business Arch . 

the Business Arch still contains the models the was modeled on the IT but can't show them as everyone knows , my concern here is 

1. Let say we have a model "A" created with IT Architect and already published to Publisher Database. We can access it through ARIS Business Publisher via web access.
2. Now Model "A" is not visible in ARIS Business Architect, due to license issues and incompatibility with ARIS IT Architect.
3. Now if, do a full database publishing using ARIS Business Architect, will it corrupt the existing model "A" in Publisher database.
4. After the whole update, Will we able to still access Model "A" through Publisher as we do in Step-1 prior to publishing . 
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