I am trying to do a runppmdelete call in order to delete some process instances.

But when the batch is run, the following error that is logged (it's a translation from french):

E: 25.04.17 13:34:16 [IMP] La dimension "TIME" indiquée dans l'argument d'exclusion n'existe pas pour la relation "PROCESS_ONLY" ou elle n'a pas été connectée pour les types de processus sélectionnés.
The TIME dimension include in the exlusion argument does not exist for the relation "PROCESS_ONLY", or it is not connected to the process selected.

Plus, here is a copy of the xml used by the runppmdelete:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE paramset SYSTEM "paramset.dtd">

<paramset index="0">
 <analysewizparam selectedrow="0" />
  <chart-colinfo />
 <cnetparam />
 <epkparam />
 <favoritparam usecache="yes">
  <title show-name="false" />
 <filterpanelcriterions />
 <kiquery usecache="yes" fillcache="no" showzero="auto">
   <criterion name="PROCESSTYPE" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Type de processus</criterion>
   <filteritem operator="or">
    <dataitem mode="|">
     Processus IPPPR\Traiter les DAPs (Cycles)

     <datatype name="TEXTPAIR">Paire de textes</datatype>
     <scale name="LEVEL2SCALE" factor="2.0">Détaillé</scale>
   <criterion name="TIME" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Time</criterion>
   <filteritem operator="or">
    <datarange operator="gteq">
     &gt;=1. janv. 70
     <dataitem value="01.1.1970">
      1. janv. 70
      <datatype name="TIME">Date et heure</datatype>
      <scale name="DAYSCALE" factor="86400.0">Jours</scale>
   <criterion name="PNUM" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Nombre de processus</criterion>
 <relexplorer />
 <tableparam view="listtable">
  <tbl-cross totalresult="yes" />
  <tbl-instance />

Can you help me to correct this error?