I am doing the PPM University Edition Customizing Tutorial. In the first five Exercises I had no Problem. But the 6th seems to be a Problem for me. Actually I allready built a relational database and cube with sql 2008 r2, so I shouldnt have a problem with the theory. Anyway I have three questions.

1. On page 78 at the second picture you can see two green check mark in the field "Key in source system"  on which page is this setup described? Is it relevant?

2. At page 89 they start the Mapping for the AT_Key. At the relational database diagramm at the beginning of the Tutorial (page 14) it is also called Change_Document table - KEY. But if you take a look at the XML data it is called Key_ID. So I created AT_Key_ID. Was it right?

3. This is my main problem! The ORDER_ID should create four Subprocess PS1 , PS2, PS3, PS4. If I start ARIS PPM I only got PS4 as a Customer order. The connection between the event and functions seems to be right, but the single Customer order are not seperated. On which page on the tutorial is the setup for the seperating? And how is this chapter called? For better understanding a snapshot is attached.

I work on this problem for two days and I would be very thankful for every help.

Thank you very much in advance!

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