I am new to EPC and BPMN, but i need to learn both and finally to transform EPC to BPMN.

would anyone please let me know if it is possible to transform events in EPC into a task in BPMN? I have copied and paste one example of EPC. I can't figure out the last part which I have bolded. can the final events be transformed as TASKS in BPMN?

a) On delivering an order, customer service simultaneously specifies the shipping point and
the order number in the sales & distribution system (SD).
b) Before posting the goods issue (if the products are available), the system automatically
performs an availability check. If the products are not available, the delivery process is
abandoned. The systems used are SD, material management (MM).
c) Finally, delivery is created, the stock quantity of the delivered items is reduced accordingly
and the customer order is debited.
preview of Transforming EPC to BPMN (Professional ARIS)
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