Hi, I am new to this community... and I wld like to start a discussion around the use of ARIS for DODAF/ MODAF.

For a start, I would like to find out if there are others out there who use ARIS to develop DODAF architecture views. I work for the Singapore military and we use it.

We see some limitations in ARIS to fully support our implementation of the DODAF views and I wld like to seek views and ideas on yr implementations of the following views.

1. OV5 -  We use the IDEF0 notation that is not natively supported by ARIS. We tried customising ARIS to support IDEF0 and so far, the results are mixed due to the inherent differences between the properties of the ARIS model type and that of the IDEF0.

2. OV3 - ARIS does not support data entry and display in tabular format. Neither does it support auto-generation of from from OV2 and OV5. We end up creating a graphical model to represent OV3.


Han-Chiew Lim