I'm quite new to ARIS cloud (Advanced) and would like to change the type of some object. Is it at all possible? So far, I wanted to do that in different occasions, when the scope of the analysis got progressively more clear:

  • EPC Function > EPC Process Interface (and vice versa),
  • Orga Position > Orga Role  (and vice versa),
  • switch EPC join operators
  • change the type of a connection (such as RACI relationship or Orga chart link)

I would hope a generic type-modification mechanism might be available most of the time, optionally listing/removing relationships that are semantically incorrect for the new type and suggesting removing all of them or open all models where they appear.


If this feature isn't available yet but considered, a place to locate it could be the widget Property > General > Type label that could be turned into an editable drop-down list, a.o.

Another ergonomically-nice option could be to allow to drop the new object type ON TOP of the existing one.



Tags: ARIS Advanced ARIS Architect ARIS Cloud