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Today: Knowing HOW is half the story!

Many factors like laws & regulations, changed customer requirements, information technology trends, market changes can slow down companies, or even risk their economic success. Improving Business Process enables them to stay ahead. However, since the world is still turning around, it´s not a one-time improvement project, but a continuous approach: “BPM as a Discipline”.

<!--more-->How to set up a temporary structure, like a project team, to fulfill a certain objective is described in many books. But how to change the organization for long-lasting success and getting BPM a “living thing” in the entire enterprise? – That´s not something you can find described around each corner. There might be many ways – but not all of them are heading straight up to the target. You could get stuck half way through, loose money, time and hopes, and at the same time also the unique opportunity to get it done – because there might not be a 2nd chance.

Having a clearly-structured roadmap in place, with well-defined work packages and deliverables (adjusted to the special situation, the company is in) enables organizations to set up a BPM Governance structure and evolve into a process-oriented enterprise.

  • Phase 1 – Strategy: What do you want?
  • Phase 2 – Design: How should it look like?
  • Phase 3 – Implementation: Get it done!
  • Phase 4 – Controlling: Does it work the way you want it?

The key question is – What´s behind those 4 phases for BPM Governance?

To be continued….

On the IDS Scheer website you find more information on BPM: