I am trying to install ARIS 9.8 Connect Server on local machine for testing purposes.

I tried installing it twice, but I got an error at the end both times "Errors occurred during the installation process. Unable to install. For further information please refer to file '%temp%/ARIS_Install.log'."

When I refer the above mentioned log file, I see few errors like:

# xlayer.XL_accInit failed

# URL localhost Nummer: 10005  String:Unable to add node localhost to ensemble.  Could not connect to http://localhost:9001/rest. Make sure that an agent is running on this machine and that the specified port is correct. Also check if you used the right protocol to communicate with the agent (you used HTTP, try HTTPS). 

sz_stderr : Could not start all runnables on  node localhost. The runnable instance umcadmin_m is already started 


What could be wrong in my installation? Any help or inputs is appreciated.