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On CeBIT this year, customers had the unique possibility to have a preview on products that will be released in the course of this year such as ARIS MashZone or ARIS Governance Engine. The next one I mention is a solution package ready to perform! With Industry.PerformanceREADY, we offer a solution that replaces ARIS SmartPath...

Many customers may already know ARIS SmartPath as process-driven SAP solution for small and medium enterprises, consisting of SAP Business-All-in-One and SAP Best Practices. In a consistent development strategy we launched now Industry.PerformanceREADY that also addresses large companies. Independent from the size of the company, Industry.PerformanceREADY guarantees a fast and cost-effective SAP implementation and maintenance based on the reliable SAP technology, industry expertise and process models. The preconfigured processes are modeled in ARIS for SAP. Thus, they can be used in all other sectors of the company, for example for compliance purposes, training of new employees, etc. 

Ready to Perform

Many customers at Cebit 2009 were convinced of the full range of industry processes mapped in ARIS for SAP. The solution covers all significant processes, including planning, procurement, production, and sales. On CeBIT, the first Industry.PerformanceREADY packages for the industries Consumer Goods, Discrete Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals were launched. In the course of 2009 we also launch:

  • Chemical.PerformanceREADY for the chemicals industry
  • Logistics.PerformanceREADY for the transport industry
  • Metals.PerformanceREADY for the metalworking industry
  • Retail.PerformanceREADY for the retail industry
  • Utilities.PerformanceREADY for the energy supply industry

Reusability and fast customization of processes through the central repository ensure that your expenses are not vain – e.g., when process changes result out of it. Through a synchronization of ARIS for SAP and SAP Solution Manager changed processes or new ones can easily be mapped in the SAP system. I will continue with Industry.PerformanceREADY: In the second part of my blog I will show you the advantages of a process-driven SAP implementation for your company. For more information, please have a look at: