My Name is Christian Neu and I’m the successor of Martin Kallenborn, who is determined known by his “Me Myself and Mashzone” articles. My intended challenge is to create new Mashups and to support the MashZone 2.0 Release. Meanwhile, I gathered enough experience in MashZone through the existing tutorials, the demo Mashups on the gallery server and last but not least the articles of our Community to create new posts on my own, or to help other users in the ARIS Community.

In the near future I will publish several posts, as well as news for the upcoming 2.0 release, which contains numerous improvements and achieves certainly a positive response in the ARIS Community. Also, I’ll write a scholarly piece that is needed for my internship and I’m going to publish a first draft in the next weeks. I hope to get some feedback from you to improve my work.


Best Regards,

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