I'm currently modelling a project or rather the course of the project by means of an Enterprise BPMN Process Diagram. In it, I want to create a number of Subprocesses that represent the more detailed lower levels of the project. Each subprocess should have say 2 or more processes (tasks) contained within. Each contained task will have processing time defined as well as costs (through the employees assigned to each). I then want to simulate the whole project, and am looking to get the entire processing time and associated costs by defining the time and cost attributes of the lowest detail level only. For example:

Subprocess A is composed of tasks 1 and task 2. Task 1 has a processing time of 2 hrs, Task 2 a processing time of 3 hrs. When i simulate the model that contains subprocess A, I want to see the following:

Activities: Subprocess A with processing time of 5 hrs

How do i define the processing time of a subprocess by means of its constituent tasks? I have tried it by means of a simple assignment, or rather at the time of subprocess definition, its contained tasks are assigned automatically to the subprocess A.


Any help would be appreciated!


Tags: ARIS 10 BPMN