I'm modelling a multi-level EPC to simulate and analyse the processes involved in a typical project of type A. Multi-level means, I have varying degrees of detail for each process, depending on whether we see value in breaking a process down into its subprocesses.

Now to my question/problem:

I have an EPC "Detail test" with two parallel functions 1a and 1b that are detailed in seperate EPCs (level n+1). The process "detail test" is to be run through once - process instantiation =1. The two functions 1a and 1b however, are to be run through more often. More specifically, function (Subprocess) 1a [Screenshot 2] is supposed to be run-through 30 times - as the process is to be completed 30 times. Function (Subprocess 1b) [Screenshot 3] is supposed to be run-through 10 times. 

The process Instantiations for each subprocess has been assigned via a schedule element. When i go to simulate the level nEPC with its assigned subprocesses (level n+1), all functions are only run-through once. I presume because only one process folder is released by the "start test event". 

Is there a way to let the level n process run through once, but assign a desired number of process instantiations to its contained subprocesses?


Would be very appreciative of any help!





Tags: ARIS 10 EPC