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I have been contemplating how I will move IT infrastructure models made in ARIS express beautiful diagrams eventually to Architect 7.1

Problem is IT specific Object types available in IT architect 7.1 are more than 10 in number while express gives me only four to model from.

Whats IDS suggestion on mapping this four after migrating models into Architect 7.1 from Express and also, it looks like Express is neglecting the needs of IT infrastructure modellers whom form a big market and integral part of the enterprise architecture. I hope the final release will have more complete set of objects for this modeller as is the case with EPC models that have all objects available.

The Issue is I need to be able to get "all workers" to use this tool and this is just not enough to get the IT infrastructure modeller interested if they already using visio. Hence making the whole buy in into the tool by all stake holders in organisation difficult.