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I have not yet had the pleasure of creating any custom reports in ARIS. I have been asked to create a report based on the following requirements and would really welcome some simple advice on how to complete this:

The report outputs need to include:
  • Report structured so that it groups the report on the group/folder hierarchy (even if there is nothing in the group)
  • The hierarchy of the report will continue to be structured as per the group hierachy populating the models in their respective groups
  • The information for each model is as below {the ones with stars in brackets already can be found in the report RWE npower selected group model information v2.0}
    • Model Name (*)
    • Model Pathname (*)
    • Creator (*)
    • Owner (*)
    • Last Change (*)
    • Last User (*)
    • Version  (*)
    • GUID (*)
    • Date Created
    • Status
    • Model type

Look forward to hearing from you - Russell.

Tags: ARIS