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Here is a list of new features for ARIS Cloud Enterprise (private cloud) and ARIS Connect that have been released with version 10.

  • New business usage statistics – powered by ARIS Aware
    It provides information on what content is most relevant from a consumption perspective (viewing), on collaboration activity, on governance processes, and model content. It uses PIWIK (ext. System) for event persistence and ARIS Aware for dashboards.
  • New theming functionality for customer self-service configuration (fonts, colors, headers, buttons)
    Theming is a new functionality to easily change colors and fonts without the need to dive deep into configuration possibilities. This applies also to ARIS Design server and ARIS Process Governance. Examples are basic settings like title, content, highlighting colors, header, side bar, fact sheet, home and button colors, steps view sizes or governance logo.
  • Glossary enhancements
    You can now search within an existing list column in the glossary and browse by alphabet in the content indices. Different item types can be summarized to one category displaying results in one consolidated list.
  • New object type-based highlighting capability
    The object-type based highlighting helps end users to focus on specific aspects of a model. You can highlight all functions or all functions of a certain type (e.g. process interfaces, automated tasks etc.).
  • New profile-based views for different roles or user groups
    Using group profiles for different target groups you can define what users see and what they can do.
  • New multimedia publication in the portal
    You can now embed images and videos into the processes and make them available in the Portal.
  • Central User Management (UMC) profile information like image or full name can be shown in the fact sheets
  • New portal plug-in API to add customer-specific widgets
    Uses a simple JavaScript API which allows third-parties to implement components to be used in portal views.
  • New integration of Governance engine and Collaboration engine
    A new API for third-party software integration enables the implementation of several use-cases. An example is the integration with an external collaboration engine.
  • New deactivation capability for attachments in collaboration
    If users should not be able to upload attachments through collaboration, then this can be deactivated now.
  • Enhanced tenant management
    It is possible to roll-out single assets like filters, templates, reports and databases to other tenants. Furthermore, it is possible to backup & restore tenants, schedule backups, see your license utilization, access user and portal management and to monitor and perform a health check.

Find more information about the new features in the ARIS 10 features overview.

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