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TM Forum, the global industry association for communication service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers, is collaboratively developing the Open Digital Framework for CSPs to effectively transform to a digital service provider. As part of that, leading CSPs within TM Forum have defined the Business Process Framework, eTOM, as a critical component to enable successful business transformations.

eTOM is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multilayered view of the key business processes required to run an efficient, effective, and agile digital enterprise.

The eTOM accelerator for ARIS is now available to support CSPs in their business transformation initiatives. Companies that want to use it need a valid membership of the TM Forum and an active subscription of ARIS Advanced or ARIS Enterprise, version 10 SR16. CSPs don't need to start converting the eTOM documentation into their BPM environment but can directly use the ARIS database for eTOM.

For more details read the fact sheet.
eTOM is also listed in the ARIS Hub.

You can download the free package from the Software AG - Download Center. Navigate to ARIS Content Packages under More Resources on the left and select eTOM Framework ARIS Model. Download your free package.

If you are new to the ARIS Download Center, please sign in first here at: Software AG - Download Center - User Registration and create your user profile and password. After that proceed as described above.



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