Hi all,

we have installed ARIS9.8 SR9 in a test environment and we are testing the behavior of this new version.
Checking the access time to models, we have found out a strange behavior: loading models some times takes a lot of time (20-25 second) and for these models also the second access is very slow. If the first access to the models takes a lot of time, also the second, third access and so on are slow; if the first access is quick also the following ones are quick. 
The problem does not seem correlate to data, in fact, after restarting the Publisher, the loading time changes and models for which the loading took a long time are loaded quickly after the restart, vice versa models that before were loaded quickly take a long time, and even at the second access these times remain high.
We use a direct URL to open a model used as home page but the same loading times are registered also accessing to models by the navigation tree.

We have a production environment with ARIS 9.8.0 installed and here the loading time are lower and if the first access take much time to load also the methodology, the second and following accesses are very quick for all models.

Is there something different to configure on this new version?
Could you help us please to find what is the possible cause of this strange behavior?

Thanks and regards,

Tags: ARIS Business Publisher Configuration