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Hi folks,

this is to inform you about the next ARIS Express release. This release does not contain new functionalities but bug fixes.

These topics are fixed:

  1. New symbols for location and process interface fixed for printing.
  2. Symbols missing in toolbar: sometimes, after creating of a new model, the symbol toolbar was empty
  3. Object links using HTTPS work now
  4. Remote output paths for PDF or RTF export is possible now
  5. BPMN: certain embedding combinations led to an error during opening the model, so it was not possible to access the model anymore
  6. Moving objects out of the drawing pane destroyed the structure of the model and could possibly change embeddings.

The update will be set online next days. You do not need to do anything, Express will be updated in background automatically, if you got a new Java version. Users of older Java versions need to confirm the update.