I started use the Aris basic since about 6 months ago and need some answers about organizational diagram. Our company works in medical sales, marketing and technical services fields and we provide more than one brand. We have separate organizational unit for each brand in the company. I listed the organizational positions related a unit. I could not link position to another position for ex. our Region Sales Representatives reports to Region Sales Manager but when i tried to define them as roles it can not be link each other. How can i define these roles? 

Thanks in advance.

Brand Direktorship (Organizatonal unit) ---- Brand Director (Position)

1. Country Sales Manager (Role)  

2. Product Marketing Manager (Role) (Reports to role 1)

3. Product Marketing Representative (Role) (Reports to role 2)

4. Region Product Sales Manager (Role)

5. Region Product Sales Representative (Role) (Reports to role 4)

6. Sales Support Specialist (Role) (Reports to role 4)

7. Sales Support Field Responsible (Reports to role 4)

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