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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to version a model by using ARIS report scripting code but I have a question regarding archive () method (Versioning class).

The help says:

archive ( ArisObject[] p_ToArchiveItems, String p_Description, VersioningOptions p_Options, boolean p_waitInCaseConcurrentVersioningRunning )

Which items are expected in the first parameter? I have tried to put the model only but it did not work.

My code is:

var itemList = new Array(); //Items Array
itemList.push(???); //what should I add?
var result = compVersioning.archive(itemList,"version 003",compVersioningOptions,true); //creating model versioning

I have tried also to put the model + objDefList but without success.

The help is not clear about this parameter.

I appreciate your help.

Best regards.


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