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I started a similar discussion about 4 months ago at LinkedIn's ARIS User Community. Some very good comments there. Still I'm looking for more experience based comparison and application criteria.

The same topic was discussed about 2 years ago in an Oracle forum and there was a presentation with  subject "EPC v BPMN" at some workshop in Santiago, December 2008. Strange but that's about all that could be found on the web. Well, all the more reason then to continue discussing it :)

I've been using EPCs for almost 10 years now but recently I became quite frustrated by its limitations and found some good solution with BPMN's variety of events, messaging etc. But then I couldn't connect application system type, capability and other objects to a function the way I used to in an EPC. I thought well, BPMN while trying to close the gap between business and IT actually widens it by providing a more complicated and technical notation than EPC and at the same time it lacks simple cohesion capability. It seems that for BPM we need one notation, for SOA another and for EA a third one do describe the same thing, business processes. There is something wrong. But well, finding a universal BP notation is another topic, let's just compare EPC and BPMN and suggest when to apply each and when and how both.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!