We are assigning multiple users (Usergroup) as "Group of executers", for a Human Task for a simple process.

Default behaviour:

When we do the above, ARIS by default assigns the human task to all users inside a user group, also even if one of the user performs an action on the task, the next step is not executed, rather the process waits for all the users do the action on same human task.

What we are expecting is:

We need if one of assigned users takes an action, the task should be complete, and it should not wait for others to take action, and it should proceed to next step.

Example:  If a human task is assigned to ARIS usergroup with two users A,B.

By default, A and B, both have to execute the same human task, only then the next step in process would be executed, but what we are looking for is if A does an action on human task, then instead of waiting for B's action, the next step in process should be executed.Is this possible?

Tags: ARIS 10 BPMN Process Governance