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Hi ,

I really need someone's help, I'm stuck on a problem for quite a few times.

Recently , I installed ARIS Architect/Designer version 10.0.15 on a new server.

On the old server, ARIS version 10.0.13 is installed, and on this server, a few Scripts are running during nighttime by the help of Windows Task scheduler and script runner. Everything works fine, the tasks are running automatically and it works.

To make these tasks run on the new server, I simply moved all the tasks from the old to new server with the associated bat and cfg files (I modified the parameters such as server name, etc..). However, with the same Database, the same models/objects/attributes/symbols (you name it), I encounter problems running these tasks.

I attached a log file tracing the errors. You can see that it says that there is a problem with different API tokens, but in reality, I'm not using any API's in my script. I'm quite lost and don't know where the problem comes from and how to solve it.

See the attached log file for details if you can please !

Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS API ARIS Architect ARIS script 
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