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I just came from the presentation from Mr. Witschi from Swisscom. In a 3 hours sessions (including a coffee break) he showed why and how Swisscom switched its order processing controlling/management to ARIS Process Performance Manager. The impressing thing was that he used the live Swisscom system to show how they were able to reduce the average processing time for order process (e.g. DSL order and installation) from 5.3 working days to 1 working day. If you don’t believe this number, click on read more.

Mr. Witschi started his presentation with a simulated phone call during which he asked an IDS Scheer employee for help with setting up a process monitoring solution. Until that day, Swisscom had used Excel to monitor the performance of the order processes. If a business user wanted to modify a report he had to ask IT for the changes. It could take weeks before the new report was delivered. Here just some challenges Swisscom was facing:

  • Lack of clarity as to order status
  • No transparency
  • Frequent inquiry calls
  • Being reactive, too late for customer

Together with IDS Scheer consultants, Swisscom implemented ARIS Process Performance Manager to get a flexible dashboard to monitor and manage the performance of the order processes. Mr. Witschi is now able to create reports himself without any coding. What needed weeks before is now done in two minutes. The average number of working days for processing an order dropped from 5.3 working days to one working day after the software was implemented. Swisscom is calculating the ROI of the project in 9 to 12 months. This is very impressive if you see the scope of the process.

The main reason why this could be achieved is that now Swisscom is able to pro-actively monitor the order processes. Open orders can be identified and closed easily. Swisscom basically tuned from reaction to action thanks to process intelligence in just 6 months of operation. The presentation/demo was indeed an eye opener. The German IT magazine Computerwoche had an English article on this project.

By the way: Two Italian BPM fans won the IDS Scheer Table Soccer Championship at the conference. They got a free ticket to ARIS UserDay and ARIS ProcessWorld in Berlin. That is where the finals of the European wide Table Soccer tournament will take place. Will the Italians be the European Table Soccer Champion? I saw them play and I think they have quite a good chance…

On the IDS Scheer website you find more information on: ARIS Process Performance Manager

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