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ARIS Process World 08

I am writing live from the Business Process Excellence Award. Each year, the best BPM projects receive an award from IDS Scheer. The award is being presented in six categories.

The first category is Enterprise BPM. This year's winner is Boehringer Ingelheim. The company created an international BPM framework and achieved an improved business process performance.

The winner Boehringer Ingelheim

The next category is Process-driven SAP Management. The winner is Evonik Industries. Evonik rolled out a global SAP platform. In a project with IDS Scheer, they also redocumented their SAP processes.

ARIS Process World. the winner Evonik Industries

The third category is Business-driven SOA Management. Nominated were Skoda, EnBW, and Intrum Justitia. The winner in this category is EnBW. The company linked their IT environment to the business processes using Web services. In doing so, they were able to further reduce IT costs.

winner EnBW

The next category is Enterprise Architecture Management. Piraeus Bank won the price for their enterprise architecture project. The lighthouse project limited the time to implement new procedures by 30%. Overall major costs savings could be achieved.

Piraeus Bank won the price for their enterprise architecture project

The fifth category is Process Intelligence and Performance Management. Here the nominees are: Cosmos, SAP and Swisscom. And the winner is......SAP. The company is using ARIS Process Performance Manager (ARIS PPM) for managing their global purchase processes. With this, they were able to reduce costs significantly. They also increased customer experiences, which was the overall goal of the project. It's great to see that SAP is also using ARIS PPM to improve their process performance. Congratulations to SAP!

winner is......SAP

The last category is Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. The winner in this category is PetroChina. The company is listed on the NY stock exchange and must therefore be Sarbanes Oxley (SOA) compliant. With ARIS, the entire company is now SOA compliant in time and in the anticipated costs. PetroChina is very happy with the project and with the award.


Of course this year there was again a special award for true business performance. The award goes to IDGC from Russia. The utility company is providing electricity and gas to an impressive region. IDGC closed the business process lifecycle by implementing ARIS PPM. An 80% ROI was achieved in the first year. The company is successfully doing business process strategy (BSC), coming to business process design, reaching business process implementation (SAP) and closing the loop with business process controlling.

The award goes to IDGC from Russia

With this last award, the ceremony is over. But the evening event is still to come. It might happen that tomorrow morning it will take a while until you can read the next post because usually the evening events last quite long... ;-)

See you tomorrow!

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